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"John, Really pleased with the CD, it almost seemed as though he was here at times. I have to admit to moist eyes as well, 48 years just rolled away. I never thought I,d hear those songs as good as they are again, so thanks again, and I hope to do business with you in the future. I got a fourtrack recently, and have been trying to get the hang of that.Use these comments on your site if you wish, I,m putting the CD on again , and then will try to track down Alec, Brian Hall".

I have always been interested in music since I was a toddler, which is many many years ago now, and have spent my life collecting all types of recorded music, on 78s, 45s, Tapes, (both reel to reel and cassettes), as well as LPs and CDs, so much that at the last count I had over 20,000 titles, the majority being on Tape and Vinyl.


A lot of my early favourites, especially the 78s, were a bit worse for wear, but these were the ones that held special memories for me, and also being very breakable, it was quite risky to keep digging them out, so I decided to investigate ways of preserving them and after a couple of years of experimenting with numerous programmes I finally perfected a system to be able to "clean up" the originals and transfer them to CD (Compact Disc).

"Dear John, LP & CD arrived this morning. Thank you so much. Itís just brilliant. I canít wait to see my daughterís face when she opens it on her birthday, sheíll be so pleased and tap dancing round the room with Christopher Walken! Your service and your communications are the tops, I will be telling all my friends that if they need to transfer their old LPs to CD you are the only service to use. Long may you continue! Thank you again, Brenda"


After a while, word got around and some of my friends asked if I would do the same for them, they then told people they knew, and it just started growing, so I thought right, with my love of music I could think of nothing better than doing this fulltime as there must be loads of people out there who who would like to preserve a "special" song or monologue that has deteriorated over time and could do with a "freshen up".


The joy of it is, that you still have your nostalgic original, warts and all, but you also have a pristine version on CD that you can play and play to your hearts content, whilst saving the wear and tear of the original.

"I just received the cd you made of Marion Parson's tape. I really enjoyed listening to Marion's songs, I think they are quite good, but the quality of the homemade tape made them less enjoyable than they might have been. The cd took care of levels and gaps. It is just unbelievable! I am so happy to have it. I actually opened it at the post office and listened to it on the way home. You do amazing work! Thank you so much.Emjay".


I have also now got involved in Editing personal home made tapes and cassettes ,(cutting out gaps and noises etc) before "cleaning them up". You can hear part of an original tape sent to me from America "before" and "after" on the sample page and judge for yourself.

"Hi John Received tapes and CDs this morning. Am listening to the second one already. They're terrific. Thank you very very much indeed. I am sure my Dad will love them and it will be terrific to hear them in such good quality as well. Good luck with your business and take care. Kindest regards Maria"


"John What can I say but Thank You so much for such a professional job.You have brought many memories back and saved them for eternity. The quality is better than I could have imagined. I would recommend your services to anyone who wants quality and professionalism. Once again Thank You so much words cannot express my heartfelt thanks . Kind Regards David"